Try our delicious baked goods

Caramel filled Dark Chocolate Muffins with frosting

We can now deliver baked goods directly to your event or location.

Our seasonal flavors for June and July are strawberry and rhubarb.

Our all- time favorites, the rich chocolate cake and white chocolate cake with coconut are always a success for larger parties and gatherings.

Muffins -Select your combination of fillings and frostings when you order-
$1.35 e. Minimum order: 12.

Rich Chocolate Cake, or White Chocolate Cake with Coconut
8 pieces: $26 12 pieces: $39. Fresh berry topping from $6.

Seasonal crumbled pies 6-8 pieces, $17.

Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Batch of 15 large cookies: $22.