Arduino 33 BLE pins


The Arduino 33 BLE uses the NRF52840 chip as its core processor. The Arduino core software is implemented over the top of the Mbed OS. While this allows you to use (all?) the Mbed functions, it can cause confusion over the naming of the pins.

For normal Arduino stuff, just use the familiar pin names. When using Mbed fuctions and features though, you will want to use the actual pin names.

You can find information and documents at the Arduino project page

This table lists the equivalences.

Arduino Pins Mbed name
D0/TX P1_3 (not recommended for use)
D1/RX P1_10 (not recommended for use)
D2 P1_11
D3 P1_12
D4 P1_15
D5 P1_13
D6 P1_14
D7 P1_23
D8 P1_21
D9 P1_27
D10 P1_2
D11 P1_1
D12 P1_8
A0 P0_4
A1 P0_5
A2 P0_30
A3 P0_29
A4 P0_31
A5 P0_2
A6 P0_28
A7 P0_3
LEDR P0_24 (RGB LED Red )
LEDG P0_16 (RGB LED Green )
LEDB P0_06 (RGB LED Blue )

Here is a picture: