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Arduino Nano 33 BLE – AHRS

This is just a collection of snippets from a discussion on Github: Kriswiner’s repository is not about the Nano 33 BLE so some work will be needed to port it over.

Arduino Nano 33 BLE – LSM9DS1 Magnetometer

Inside the LSM9Ds1 IMU on the Nano 33 BLE board is a three axis magnetometer. Although it is packaged inside the same chip as the accelerometer/gyro, it is a physically distinct device with its own address and registers. The purpose of a magnetometer is to measure magnetic field strength. It can be used as the… Read More »

Arduino Nano33 BLE – LSM9DS1 IMU

Nano with IMU The Arduino nano33 BLE and BLE Sense have a 9 axis IMU on board. Sparkfun have a good page of information at LSM3DS1 Breakout Hookup Guide. The page is about their breakout board but applies equally well to the IMU on the Nano 33 board. This IMU has some quirks though. Notable… Read More »

Embedding Youtube Video

Could not be easier. Just put the shortcode link straight into the page on a line of its own. The video will be placed right into the page.

Syntax Highlighting

Prism.js Code fragments can be displayed with automatic syntax highlighting Simply use the normal fence ticks in markdown and add the language like this. “`cpp void loop(void) { MDNS.update(); server.handleClient(); } “` Many languages are supported here but not all that are available from the full set available. This installation supports the following: arduino basic… Read More »

Markdown Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet is extracted from the Markdown Here Wiki on Github This is intended as a quick reference and showcase. For more complete info, see John Gruber’s original spec and the Github-flavored Markdown info page. There is also the official Markdown Cheatsheet from WordPress Table of Contents Headers Emphasis Lists Links Images Code and Syntax… Read More »

Arduino 33 BLE pins

NRF52840 The Arduino 33 BLE uses the NRF52840 chip as its core processor. The Arduino core software is implemented over the top of the Mbed OS. While this allows you to use (all?) the Mbed functions, it can cause confusion over the naming of the pins. For normal Arduino stuff, just use the familiar pin… Read More »


Pretty Maths Stuff MathJax lets you add maths \( (a \ne 0) \) formulae like \( a_\kappa \ne 0 \) to your posts using the well established \( \LaTeX \) language. $$ x =\sin \alpha = \cos \beta $$ $$ \begin{equation} E = mc^2 \end{equation} $$ Inline use Equations can be placed inline with text… Read More »

A Markdown page

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